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Japanese Name
Hit Points HP
Weak Spot Tentacles
Species Giant Squid
Fought At
Residence Gluglug Lagoon
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First Appearance The Legendary Starfy
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Big Squiddy is the first boss fought in The Legendary Starfy. He is a giant squid with a stubborn temper who kidnapped Bunston after Starfy and Moe fell on his head, thinking he had done it.


Game StoryEdit

Big Squiddy is said to be an unknown monster that lives deep in the waters below Pufftop. The location is known as Glugglug Lagoon and it is feared due to him living there. Many know this legend and most all are shown to fear it (including Moe). Ironicly though he is portraded to be a powerful enemy he is shown to be one of the easiest bosses.


In real life commerical productions he lived in an ocean used as a fishing lane. A man in a boat then tells the legend of a monster that lives in the waters. Their is not much different from the in-game legend.


Big Squiddy

Beating Big Squiddy Edit


Keep on using Spicy Belly on his tentacles. It is easy to defeat him.

Stage BossEdit

Basically, just keep on star spinning on his tentacles. He goes in two positions. The first position is that he holds two tentacles up. He may use them to slam the floor. He may then go to the second position, where he takes one tentacle and move it across the screen. If you touch the tentacle (except if attacking,) Big Squiddy will grab you. Rapidly tap left and right on the D-pad to escape his grasp. On Wireless, the other player can just attack the tentacle to get you out.


  • Big Squiddy bears a strong resemblence to another villian in a nintendo series, known as the the super mario series. He resembles a large Blooper in attacks and appearance. Relations are: 1. both are squids, 2. In Super Paper Mario a Big Blooper has one attack which is similar to Squiddy's attack.