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Densetsu no Starfy 4
Densetsu no stafy 4
Developer TOSE
Publisher Nintendo
Release date(s) Flag of Japan April 13, 2006
Genre Platformer
Rating(s) CERO: CERO A
Platform(s) Nintendo DS
Mode(s) Single player

Densetsu no Stafy 4 is the fourth game in The Legendary Starfy series. It is the first one for the Nintendo DS. It has only been released in Japan.


Lobber's Cottage

Tree of Beginning

Cupid Village

Pulling Ahead Lake

Koimaro's Isolated Village

Flourishing Desert

Focus Hill

Old Tower

Dejeel's Castle


  • As well as being the first Starfy game not released for the Game Boy Advance. It is also the first Starfy that did not release a year after its prequel.
  • This is the only Starfy game so far that has a female antagonist.
  • This is also the only Starfy game that doesn't officially have any Minigames.
  • This is the only Starfy game that uses a guage for HP rather than hearts. It is also the first game to not have separate HP from boss battles.
  • This is the only Starfy game that uses SP.
  • Materu marries Koraru instead of Starfy, and it even showed a picture of Starfy and Starly crying to see who got married
  • This game, along with Densetsu no Stafy, have the least stages of all the Starfy games with 9 stages.

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