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EvilLogo.pngKing OwlrunEvilLogo.png
King Ourun.PNG
Japanese Name Kingu Ourun
Hit Points
Weak Spot
Species Owl
Affiliates Dejeel
Fought At Old Tower
Residence Old Tower
Temporarily: Amy Kingdom
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First Appearance Densetsu no Stafy 4
Latest Appearance Densetsu no Stafy 4

King Owlrun is the evil owl king in service to the evil queen Dejeel, and acted as her accomplice during the events of Densetsu no Stafy 4.

How to defeat it[]

To defeat the giant owl king, Starfy must transform into his Propeller Bit form and take the battle into the skies. Then Starfy must keep shooting carrots toward King Owlrun's body, and the more damage he takes, the more erratic his movements are. When he attacks, he cannot be damaged.


King Owlrun attacks by sending in a bunch of Woktopuses to damage Starfy, and King Owlrun is invincible during that, so Starfy must defeat all of the Woktopuses to make him vulnerable, and the more damage he takes, the more Woktopuses that he sends out. Another attack is that he will swoop down and damage Starfy, and the more damage he takes, the more faster he moves. After taking some damage, King Owlrun will whip up a dust devil that covers the entire vertical column of the screen. To avoid this, Starfy must keep striking the dust devil with carrots until it wears off, and the more damage he takes, the more harder it is to get rid of.