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EvilLogo.pngMega SnarkEvilLogo.png
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Species Snark
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Fought At 7-3, 7-4, S.S. Logwater Secret 2
Residence Nearby S.S. Logwater
Toy Description If you see him, hide! Unless you WANT to get gobbled up, of course... Hm... I wonder what would happen if you did let yourself get swallowed up...
First Appearance The Legendary Starfy
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Mega Snark is an enemy that appears at Level 7-3 in The Legendary Starfy or Densetsu no Starfy 5 which might be predicted to be a boss at first. At Level 7-2, the Bilge Monkeys warn Starfy of this colossal Snark. Later, at 7-4, it swallows the found Shard of Bunston's spaceship and Starfy is forced to be swallowed by the Mega Snark to retrieve it.


If you are eaten by Mega Snark, you won't lose a health point. Instead, you'll be sent to his "digestive system". There is usually pearls and a special door. However, in one level, there is treasure in him. In another, there is a sub-mission When you find it, you'll be sent out, to start all over, from the beginning of the room.

Due to the fact that different interiors are traversed whenever Mega Snark eats Starfy, there's a chance "Mega Snark" is a species instead of a single character.


  • Mega Snark is a 3D model in the levels, however 2D sprites are made of it that appear when you view the toy of it.