Mini G
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Species Unknown
Affiliates Starfy, Starly
Homeland The Sea
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Latest Appearance The Legendary Starfy

Mini G is the manager of the mini-games in The Legendary Starfy. He is a small blue creature who rides around inside a giant jellyfish. He can be found by finding a treasure chest that has the note titled "Mini G's challenge #(1, 2, 3)".

The notes can be found in 4-1 (Fishing Derby), 6-1 (Sand Tracer), and 7-1 (Depth Chargers) Enter the stage once you get the note. It should not say #-#. It should been labeled, Minigames. Enter that room. There should be a goal and Mini G. No door, enemies, just those two. Talk to Mini G and you will get a new minigame! He will let you try the Easy level. After that, the room is pretty much useless. Just exit. In the minigames (not the Mini G room), the minigame should say, "NEW!", but your score from Mini G's room will be there. Play it again (not in Mini G's room) and the "NEW!" will disappear, and your newest score will be up.