Starfy Wiki
Japanese Name ?
Species Unknown
Family Unknown
Affiliates Ronk, Snips, Moe, Starfy, Bunston, Mashtooth (formerly)
Homeland Unknown
Residence Probably, the Trio's spaceship
First Appearance [[[The Legendary Starfy]]
Latest Appearance The Legendary Starfy

Papes (Japanese: ポン, Pon) is the shortest and least bright member of the squad. He makes most of the plans, but they end in failure most of the time. He is Snips's younger brother. He is light purple in color and wears a pair of green tights, and he also has a blue hat. He fights using a shield and barges into the player with it, but can easily be blown backward by Starfy's Star Spin. Papes is also the funniest of the trio. He can't jump as far as his colleagues.