Pearls are a common thing in The Legendary Starfy series. They can restore health, and also be used to buy things within the game.

Use in Densetsu no StafyEdit

The Pearls only go up in this game as there is no shop. There is a picture in the game that adds characters as you collect more Pearls. The picture will be complete when you collect 9999 Pearls.

Use in Densetsu no Stafy 2Edit

Just like Densetsu no Stafy, you can collect up to 9999 Pearls, but you can buy costumes and pictures in Lovely's shop.

Use in Densetsu no Stafy 3Edit

Once again you can collect up to 9999 Pearls. This time you can also get Pearls at the end of the stage. You can get 50, 20, 5, or 1. You can buy costumes and music in Jojiro's shop.