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The Puchi Ogura (literally Petite Ogura) are Axolotl-like creatures and Ogura's children. There are 10 of them. Appearing in Densetsu no Stafy 2 as the secondary antagonists. They were either bosses, helped bosses, have there own allies, but some do not. Or just stayed with one. Their names in game were just Puchi Oguras #1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10. They also appeared in flashbacks in Densetsu no Stafy 3. They seem to have died after they were defeated by Starfy, but it is still unknown if they did or not. As Moe has a flashback of the deceased characters throughout the game (including Ogura, Kyorozo, and his mother), the Puchi Ogura can be seen as well. It is unknown if this is just an added detail for Ogura, or if they might have died since Ogura did.

Some of the Puchi Ogura

Puchi Ogura #1Edit

This one has a purple tail, blonde hair, and she wears a black cowboy hat. She is seen with Konk.

Puchi Ogura #2Edit

This one has a red tail and wears a biking helmet, black visor, and blue fins. He teams up with Pekin Duck Model.

Puchi Ogura #3Edit

This one has a yellow tail, but a lot of his body is also green. Part of his head is yellow. He teams up with Kiremoth.

Puchi Ogura #4Edit

This one has a reddish orange and blue tail, reddish orange hair, and appears to be wearing glasses with his left pupil missing or obscured. He can turn into a Dragon Monster and battles by himself.

Puchi Ogura #5Edit

Only this one's tail can't be seen. She has pink hair and wears a pink dress. She teams up with Numan.

Puchi Ogura #6Edit

This one has a black tail with two yellow dots on his chest, blue hair and three yellow fins. He uses the Kigurumi to battle.

Puchi Ogura #7Edit

This one has a yellow tail, three green thorn-like fins, yellow helmet and there appears to be a picture of a skull on his black underside. He rides Mandazetto.

Puchi Ogura #8Edit

This one is mostly black, long tail, black hat resembles a wizard, two yellow thorn-like fins and he has a pacifier. He teams up with Yurikarugo.

Puchi Ogura #9Edit

This is mostly yellow, blue curve fins, and a single antenna and appears to be crying most of the time. He is seen with Jiiyan.

Puchi Ogura #10Edit

This one has a blue tail, an eye patch, and a bandana that covers most of his face. He uses a big helmet to battle and can create clones.


Gallery Edit

  • Ogura and the Puchi Oguras
  • Official art of Puchi Ogura #3,4, and 5 revealed
  • Ogura releasing his evil sphere like Puchi Ogura eggs from his nose
  • Ogura holding five of the Puchi Ogura eggs
  • Puchi Ogura being formed from the evil sphere like eggs
  • Puchi Ogura egg
  • Puchi Ogura #1
  • Puchi Ogura #1 teaming up with Konk
  • Puchi Ogura #2
  • Puchi Ogura #2 teaming up with the Pekin Duck Model
  • Puchi Ogura #3
  • Puchi Ogura #3 teaming up with Kiremoth
  • Puchi Ogura #4
  • Puchi Ogura #4 as a fire dragon monster
  • Puchi Ogura #4 as a ice dragon monster
  • Puchi Ogura #5
  • Puchi Ogura #5 teaming up with Numan
  • Puchi Ogura #6
  • Puchi Ogura #6 losing his Kigurumi suit
  • Puchi Ogura #6 with his Kigurumi
  • Puchi Ogura #7
  • Puchi Ogura #7 throwing his bombs
  • Puchi Ogura #7 teaming up with Mandazetto
  • Puchi Ogura #7 riding with Mandazetto
  • Puchi Ogura #8
  • Puchi Ogura #8 teaming up with Yurikarugo
  • Puchi Ogura #9
  • Puchi Ogura #9 talking to Savako in a flashback
  • Puchi Ogura #10
  • Puchi Ogura #10 and his three clones
  • Puchi Ogura #10 with his helmet
  • One of Puchi Ogura #10's minions
  • Another one of Puchi Ogura #10's minions
  • A flashback of Ogura and the Puchi Oguras in Densetsu no Stafy 3

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