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Pufftop Kingdom.jpg
Japanese Name Tenkai
Greater Location The sky
Affiliations No affliates
Residents Starfy, Starly, Mama Star, Papa Star, Pufftop Guards
Ruler Papa Star and Mama Star
Enemies Battafurai, Birinagashi, Blinkfin, Bogyo, Chikkin, Yomper, Astro Bagger, Sea Swabbie, Erekirage, Imadame, Hebiru, Isogin, Kabutomashin, Komeruto, Kushamisekizou, Medatsuka, Mantowani, Nishikikoiru, Nubble, Piranya, Sukarudon, Sukarupu, Tsurutsura, Zuratta, Hiramei, Hyappo, Pearl Sprite
Levels Densetsu no Stafy: 1, Densetsu no Stafy 2: 10, The Legendary Starfy: 7
Area Boss Densetsu no Stafy: Ogura, Densetsu no Stafy 2: Puchi Ogura #8 and Yurikarugo, The Legendary Starfy: Konk
First Appearance Densetsu no Stafy
Latest Appearance The Legendary Starfy

Pufftop (Tenkai,テンカイ(Sky World ) in Japan) is a kingdom in the sky in which Starfy, Starly, and Moe reside. It is magically floating over the ocean, and is lead by Starfy and Starly's parents, who serve as its king (Papa Star) and queen (Mama Star). It is also the final stage in Densetsu no Stafy, the eighth stage in Densetsu no Stafy 2, and the ninth stage in The Legendary Starfy.

In The Legendary Starfy, players can discover Pufftop guard clothing for Starfy and Starly that will appear on the Nintendo DS's top screen when pausing on a level. If you have both pieces of clothing, you will unlock a special in which Starfy or Starly will run around a small Pufftop replica while in their guard suit. Many of Starfy's grand adventures begin here.

Densetsu no Stafy[]

Main article: Pufftop (densetsu no stafy)

Starfy's adventure first begins in Pufftop, his home, when he accidentally drops several items into the ocean through his clumsiness. Among these items is the magic jar Ogura was sealed in. After dropping the jar into the ocean, storms strike Pufftop, sending Starfy into the ocean. Awhile later, Starfy arrives at his home through the Sea of Sky along with his friend Moe. They find that Pufftop is in ruin due to its recent takeover by Ogura. By navigating through the derelict Pufftop, Starfy eventually encounters the infamous Ogura and battles him. Finally, after Ogura is resealed within the magic jar, Pufftop returns to normal and Starfy's adventure ends happily.

The royal audience chamber

Major events in Densetsu no Stafy 2[]

Times in the Pufftop Kingdom were peaceful once again after Ogura was trapped inside the jar, but not until too long. After Ogura threw two black orbs out from his nose towards the top of the jar, they fell down and began to multiply and they soon developed into ten children which Ogura named the "Puchi Ogura". Ogura used the Puchi Ogura to cause another storm to hit Pufftop, and the storm toppled the jar over to release Ogura. Ogura then kidnapped Mama Star, so another adventure began after Starfy ran off to rescue her. Starfy headed to the edge of Pufftop and cried, and although he was hesitant and stepped back from the edge, he was determined to rescue Mama Star so he went to run off the edge of Pufftop Palace. Moe grabbed Starfy trying to stop him, but Starfy overpowered Moe and they both fell in to the ocean, landing on a beach. Moe moaned at Starfy, who was tearful and Starfy began to cry again, which Moe found annoying. After Starfy eventually stopped crying, Moe asked Starfy to follow him and reassured him that he can get help from Old Man Lobber when he is troubled.

Major events in The Legendary Starfy[]

Starfy's adventure begins with Bunston falling into him while he was sleeping, before being followed up by the three mysterious bad guys Snips, Ronk, and Papes; which Starfy uses his star spin attack to shoo them away while Bunston runs off. Later in the story the baddie trio return to attack the castle in desperate search for Bunston but instead get intercepted by Starly, Starfy's sister; who also, uses her star spin attack to shoo them away, but accidentally reveals the location of Starfy, Moe, and Bunston while bragging.


  • Densetsu no Stafy 4 is the only game where Pufftop was never attacked.
  • In Densetsu no Stafy 3 and Densetsu no Stafy 4, there is no playable stage of Pufftop, if one does not count some Minigames.
  • The Jar that seals Ogura was always in Pufftop, possibly to prevent him from attacking places outside of Pufftop or to make sure he stays sealed, or both.