Japanese Name {{{kana}}}
Species Seal
Family Piplion (sister)
Affiliates Starfy, Starly, Moe, Bunston
Homeland Chillydip Cove
Residence Chillydip Cove
First Appearance The Legendary Starfy
Latest Appearance The Legendary Starfy

Puplion is a large fat seal who lives in Chillydip Cove with his sister Piplion. He is always hungry and keeps a pile of snacks next to him. He first appeared in The Legendary Starfy. His sprite ingame looks as if he was breathing, and in cutscenes his sprite is too big to fit in the shot. He doesn't wear a knit hat and has a white color, while his sister does wear a knit hat and has a light pink color.

Personality Edit

Puplion has a food addiction consisting of cookies and other snacks.

Eating on the Moe Show

Because of this he is fat, and a little bit forgetful. In Bunston's New Power, after talking to Puplion, talking again resulted in him giving Starfy one of his snacks, but he is too obsessed and cannot hand it over. According to Moe in the Toy section of Moe's Case, Puplion can't stand to be without his snacks for even a moment, and that his interests include cookies, chocolate, cake, and chips. Sometimes he says "Raawwwrrrffff" when he talks, he even wrote it down in his diary once. Puplion says they keep him awake at night. He sometimes asks Starfy to help him out with this problem.

Minigame Edit

In the stage King Ping after finding the secret door, you have the choice of helping Puplion out or leave. During the game, you have to use the Star Spin to destroy the Mini Pings that are trying to steal Puplion's pile of snacks. The more Mini Pings on the pile means that they carry it faster. Eventually without action they take the pile and the game ends. If you win, Puplion tells you the location of Secret 3. The time you have to protect the pile is one minute. You can return to this at anytime on the map by pressing X on the level King Ping. (A picture of a secret door and an X is shown to indicate that you unlocked and beat the selected minigame on that level.)


  • No. 17 - A Strange Stone

I wonder what Starfy and his friends are going to do with all of those stones? If it was me, I would try to find snacks, not stones... Unless it was rock candy! Then I would find all of them!

  • No. 21 - His Secret...

Hrrroooooowwww... I figured out King Ping's big secret! He's always wearing that helmet to protect him from the giant icicles. He must have trouble with them falling on his head. Hrrrrooooomm...

The Moe Show Edit

In an interview with his little sister, Piplion, Puplion's stomach rumbles, and he melts the snow cone Piplion gave Moe. In his own interview he asks if King Ping's minions are around to eat his snacks. Once Moe verifys that there are no minions around, Puplion comes onstage and starts eating his snacks. It even shows the "numm num" sound effect. However, later, the penguins run away from his snacks anyway while Puplion is sleeping.