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“Sharp... Like old cheese!”
Snips, The Legendary Starfy

Papes, Moe, Starfy, Bunston, Mashtooth (formerly)="hiddenStructure"
Japanese Name ?
Species Rabbit
Family Unknown
Affiliates Ronk,

Papes, Moe, Starfy, Bunston, Mashtooth (formerly)

Homeland Unknown
Residence Probably, the Trio's spaceship
First Appearance The Legendary Starfy
Latest Appearance The Legendary Starfy

Snips is an antagonist in The Legendary Starfy. She is the leader of The Terrible Trio, the other members being Ronk and Papes.

She is the boss of Skydye Heights and a part of the S.S. Logwater boss.


She has a rather fiery, yet calm temper, much like Moe. Being the leader of the Terrible Trio, she has to basically do everything. Later in the game, she is revealed to have a good side.


Snips is a rabbit with a pink mask and cape with blonde hair, nougat fur and blue pants.

She is the most humanoid member of the Terrible Trio.

How to beat her[]

Skydye Heights[]

She will throw bombs at you, that can be deflected in the same manner as the clouds in the levels prior to this boss battle. You cannot directly hit her with the Star Spin, as she had a forcefield that can always deflect Starfy, and deflect a bomb only once. Hit her 4-5 times, and done!

Note: She teleports to the corners of the battlefield, then throws a bomb. She teleports to another corner after being hit by a bomb or if Starfy was hit by one.

S.S. Logwater[]

The same style of battle as in Skydye Heights, but the bombs can also hurt Papes and Ronk.

Betraying Mashtooth[]

Snips, Ronk and Papes betray Mashtooth in the cutscene at Level 8-4, using the Paper-Cut-Crusher on him as a last stand for Starfy and co.


Papes & Ronk[]

Snips basically leads these two lunkheads.


Snips hated Starfy at first, calling him "little squirt" while invading Pufftop alongside Mashtooth's henchmen.


Bunston was the Terrible Trio's main target.


Mashtooth is her and her friends' boss.


Moe interviews Snips in The Moe Show.


  • Snips' name is a "slight change" to the sound "snip" created by scissors.
  • Snips represents the Scissors in the Rock-Paper-Scissors game, Ronk representing Rock and Papes representing Paper.
  • A fair amount of people thought at first that Snips is male.
  • It seems her cloak makes her teleport, much like the recent invisibility cloak.
  • She resembles The Noid
  • Snips is very similar to the Nabbit from the Super Mario series, as both Snips and Nabbit are known as robber rabbits. It remains to be seen whether Nabbit is a trio leader like Snips is.